Category: Blog | Date Posted: 21 Feb 2024

The topic for today is “Do we really know people?” The usual response in our society is yes, I know a lot of people the answers can range from hundreds to thousands.  Colleagues, customers, acquaintances, people at work and maybe I am even on a sports team. What I am asking you is different than that. Do you really know people? Do you know people who count the most? Family, relatives, people that you are really close to and how well do you actually know them?

Here are some questions for you

  1. Do you really know what makes a person tick, why they get up in the morning, why they are happy, why they are unhappy, what really fires them up, what would they get up at three in the morning to do? What is a real passion for them?
  2. Do you know what their favorite color is?
  3. Do you know what their favorite food is?
  4. What is their dream? What is the piece that is so close to their heart that they tell almost no one. Not the usual like “I would like to win a lottery”

I would like you to ask the above questions this week so you can get to know people at a deep level, let’s see how well you really know people that are close to you.

We get so caught up in the business of life that we miss connections. It is not unusual for me to work with a couple that are not able to answer any of the four questions. It is actually fairly common.

So have fun with this and I will see you next week.