The Way Out For Life

We are not taught how to get out of
anxiety and depression, let alone how to
never get in. Is it time to learn?

Welcome to the Anxiety Depression Freedom Community

I’m Patrick, and my site provides a step-by-step process for healing anxiety and depression. My method will take you from feeling overwhelmed, anxious, down and hopeless to coping and then living the life you choose. 

After more than 25 years working in this field and my own journey I have created a system that works.

I know you can beat depression and anxiety!

It takes wisdom, skills and community.

Patrick Hercus

3 Freedom Facts – My FREE Gift to You.

The truth is that having anxiety and depression is not your fault, we are not taught the skills! and the Way Out for Life Method is all about giving you the wisdom, skills and community to move out, stay out and live a life that is freer and fuller than what you have probably ever experienced before.

This FREE gift will give you 3 facts to lead you to FREEDOM.

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The 5-stage Anxiety Depression Freedom Method

My unique coaching system is designed to help you beat Anxiety and Depression for life, no matter where you are on your path to healing.
With more than 27,000 hours of individual client experience, I know that just getting the symptoms to stop is just the beginning. Let’s look at the way out for life.



Do you struggle to function effectively some or all of the time? Do even the simplest tasks seem insurmountable? Is the anxiety or darkness you experience overwhelming?


Stop the one-step-forward-three-steps-back cycle of struggle. Become stronger than life's events and waves, get out of the anxiety or depression cycle and stay out. Discover a deep sense that you are beating this.


Discover what takes you out and actually change it so empowerment, motivation and accomplishment become your new normal. Discover that you have what it takes and are building the life you really want.

Living Freely

Connect deeply with your passion and purpose. Be the calm, wise one at the centre of the storm. Be deeply connected to life's events and have the choice over how you want to be affected.

Living Fully

Imagine living in a state of flow where life happens with you, not at or to you. Imagine a life where synchronicity and connection to your higher self draws in what you want to have or experience. This is a very possible reality where your spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical selves are all working together.

You hold the keys to your transformation

Because healing and living is not just for the wealthy!

How much is anxiety and depression costing you?

Start Today

or give the gift of freedom!


Words cannot express my gratitude for Pat’s skillful guidance through a lot of uncertainty around my purpose in life and my future. Pat’s deep wisdom and clarity of thought has helped to light the way; showing me how to trust again, listen to my inner self and, in time, connect to my deeper truth. With his guidance, I am slowly laying down a new foundation, bit by bit learning to use the tools I need to help me connect to my higher self. I feel immensely grateful to be experiencing this amazing journey of life, guided by a most incredible teacher

Janet T.

Patrick something happened today – I have experienced completeness.
I am complete without a romantic partner, or children, or my parents approval, or money, or my voice, or even my mind. I am complete without a definite future. Nothing can complete me. Something is now changed. I don’t need anything to complete me – not the fulfillment of my desires or my goals – nothing. I feel as though I must do (or not do) for simply the sake of doing (or not doing). Maybe out of curiosity, but not need. It has put me in such a place of power. I feel powerful and steady – this completeness is with me always even when I feel incomplete I am complete. It’s such a crazy crazy feeling.

Brian M.

After 2 1/2 months I have gone from barely being able to get out of bed. The darkness was all there was. It is not completely gone but I believe it will be. I’m now looking at going back to school and I am starting to feel alive.

Karen V.

My anxiety was so bad that I was about to quit my job. I was not able to walk into the building. Because of Patrick’s material my anxiety does not control me I control it.  No more anxiety attacks!

Sylvia L.

Working with Patrick means one can begin to see the brilliant essence in one’s “SELF”.  Initially that was an impossible task as I felt hopeless about most areas of my life. Then I learnt that my depression stems from not being able to make sense of what’s bothering me. Anger from not knowing I have choices. Stress and Pain from holding on too tightly. I now have a life!

Sylvia L.

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