After 25 years and 27,000 client hours, I have helped thousands of people experience extraordinary positive change in their careers, relationships, and their emotional and spiritual health.


But let’s be honest. Most of us are not taught the emotional and spiritual skills we need to thrive in this world. One-to-one coaching is expensive. So a few years ago I set about creating an online program that translates my transformational in-person work and makes it accessible to everyone, not just the wealthy.


Anxiety Depression Freedom is a one-of-a-kind online spiritual life-coaching program which takes people from the depths of anxiety and depression to true freedom. It’s available 24/7, anywhere, anytime.

The Anxiety Depression Freedom Method

  • A unique multi-level system to guide you from a state of overwhelm, to strengthening, building, living freely and finally, living fully.
  • Works both as a standalone program or as a complement to your existing support.
  • Resources at your fingertips when you need them - between therapy appointments, when you go on vacation, when you’re feeling stuck.
  • Live online question and answer sessions. See where others are getting stuck. Ask a question. Share your own wisdom.
  • Accelerate your progress via your unique member portal - bookmark where you left off, track your progress, set your own preferences and see what’s coming next.
  • Begin easily with a personal placement quiz.

With your membership, you’ll also get access to:

  • A proven method that guides you through the 5 stages: Overwhelm, Strengthening, Building, Living Freely and Living Fully.
  • Daily encouragement messages to keep you on track
  • Access to recorded real-life coaching sessions to help you learn through others’ experience.
  • New posts, tools and videos added weekly
  • Only the latest evidence-based tools for healing anxiety and depression.
  • Exclusive access to the Anxiety Depression Freedom online member community
  • A whole lot more time and less stress – you don’t have to spend countless hours doing research and trying to figure this out. After all it’s almost impossible to figure it out when you are in it.

It takes wisdom, skills and community to beat anxiety and depression

In the US alone, 40 million adults suffer from anxiety disorders and more than 16 million suffer from depression. Less than 50% will receive treatment and the research tells us very few of those people will experience long-term results. If you have anxiety and depression, you are not alone. If you have sought treatment in the past but believe your anxiety and depression are unbeatable, you are not alone.

Let’s be clear - there are no quick fixes for anxiety and depression. It’s time to think beyond therapy or medication alone. Beating anxiety and depression takes an integrated approach. It takes learning new skills consistently over time in a supportive community. Anxiety Depression Freedom is a self-paced program that helps you take consistent action to regain your freedom, no matter where you are on the path to healing.

Anxiety and depression has a way of sapping the precious energy we need to get help.

When we’re in crisis, the first step towards change is always the hardest. Visiting the doctor’s office, booking a therapy appointment, making time to attend appointments…when you’re in the depths of anxiety or depression, even these tasks can seem impossible.

Perhaps you have a great therapist or coach but need some extra help in between appointments. Or maybe you haven’t found a therapist you ‘click’ with yet.

No matter how you got here, congratulations – you’re already on the path to healing. Anxiety Depression Freedom is not a replacement for traditional therapy or medication. It’s designed to complement and support whatever work you are already doing.

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How much is anxiety and depression costing you?

You may be thinking that you can’t afford treatment for anxiety and depression. That you are not worthy of the investment. And so I ask you, how much is anxiety and depression really costing you?

  • How much does it cost you in time off from work?
  • How much does it cost you when it stops you from going after the career you dream of?
  • How much is it costing your relationships and the people in them?

Anxiety and depression are insidious conditions that make us believe we are not worthy of more. They keep us stuck. Can you really afford not to invest in yourself?

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