Category: Blog | Date Posted: 30 May 2024

Last week we focused on Spiritual, and in this discussion I would like to focus on the emotional part of manifesting. A simple way to measure a person’s emotional health is how long it takes to come back into balance after an event happens, of course this will vary based on the intensity of what you have experienced.

Let’s be real if you have a really nasty breakup after a long term relationship, it’s going to take longer to get over than a one month connection. The more balanced you are, the quicker and easier the movement forward.

Here is the tie into manifesting, if I’m still hurt or not at peace about a past event it will dramatically affect not only my ability to have a new person show up, but the person that shows up, could potentially reflect my hurt instead of what I want.

I wonder if that is one of the reasons why rebound relationships seldom work?

More next week, let me know what you think