Category: Blog | Date Posted: 30 May 2024

There is a lot of confusion around spiritual, emotional, consciousness and manifesting. What they are, how they work and even more so, how can I change my life by working in each area? All 4 areas are separate and yet they usually affect each other. This is a very important delineation.

Let’s use the example of a rich unethical stockbroker. He/she will probably have a very low level of spiritual, emotional and overall consciousness, however; they will have a high level of financial manifesting consciousness.

The example I gave last week could be the exact opposite. The person couldn’t pay their rent, which reflects a low level of financial manifesting consciousness, however; they had a fairly high spiritual and emotional consciousness. They could be at peace and totally fulfilled couch surfing, maybe not.

Which one of the four areas would you choose to grow in?

Have a great week