Category: Blog | Date Posted: 13 Jul 2024

Hi I’m Patrick Hercus and welcome to our second conversation.

One of the first and most important building blocks to developing “Success Consciousness” is to retrain our minds so we can see what we have never seen before.
This reminds me of a psychology/anthropology study from university.
There was a tribe in Africa that had never had any outside influences from other cultures or societies. Everything in their world was round and curved; trees, people even their huts. The anthropologists built a small house, the type we are used to, where everything is flat with corners. The natives walked into the walls and the corners, their brains had no memories or context in which to place this new experience. They just didn’t see the structure.

We are no different! Our society programs us to think, see and act in a certain way.
How many times do you keep bumping into walls that you don’t see? How many times do you keep doing things the same way expecting different results?

Every so often a person crosses our path that makes a memorable difference, one of those moments happened in my early twenties. This is what I was taught.
What I know I know
What I know I don’t know I can find out
What I don’t know that I don’t know will get me every time

What we don’t know that we don’t know about visioning, intuition and “Success Consciousness” will get us every time.

Thanks for being apart of this conversation, if you have any questions or feedback feel free to be in contact.

Until our next discussion