Category: Blog | Date Posted: 13 Jul 2024

Hi, I’m Patrick Hercus and welcome to our first conversation.

Get ready to change your world in ways most people have never dreamt of. This is my first promise to you. I focus on teaching visioning, intuition and “Success Consciousness”. What are they, how each area works, how all areas work together, and most importantly how YOU can learn to use this new skill set to radically change your world for the better.

Knowledge is wonderful, however if it can’t be intentionally applied then the whole exercise is just academic. My second promise to you; I will teach you how to take the lessons in visioning, intuition and consciousness so you can be successful in your everyday life.

Let’s face it, over the past 10 years our worlds have changed dramatically and I have a strong sense that it is just beginning. The old paradigm of “get educated, get a good job, learn to play the game and success is guaranteed”, no longer applies. The state of the world and the global economy, downsizing, increased competition, increased demands and higher stress levels etc. etc. make for a really crazy existence!

Life is continuing to change and the rules are not the same. Unfortunately no one has stepped up to teach us how to play this new game or even what the revised rules are. Being good at applying visioning, intuition and “Success Consciousness” in combination with your professional skills, equals success. This is the edge we need in the new world!

Teaching is my job, learning, applying and succeeding in life is your job. So join me in this discussion, and we’ll talk again soon.

Blessings, Patrick.